Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the Agileware training sessions.

What equipment will I need for the training session?

Training is delivered on the Internet using video conferencing software from Google. You will need:

  • Google Chrome or Firefox web browser.
  • A reliable and stable Internet connection.
  • Computer. We do not recommend using a Tablet or Phone for the sessions.
  • A headset and microphone connected to the computer.
  • A computer camera is entirely optional.

You can also use a phone service to connect to the audio if you do not have a headset and microphone connected to the computer. Please be mindful that audio feedback can occur and disturb other attendees if you are using computer speakers or the phone on speaker.

What is the cost for a training session? Is training free?

The fee is $75 GST inc.

A discount code is available for current Agileware Support Subscribers, contact Agileware Support to receive your discount code before you register.

What payment methods do you accept?

Credit payment only using Mastercard or VISA.

If I pay for a training session and do not attendee, can I get a refund?

Please refer to the Training Cancellation Policy page.

Where can I find the current training schedule?

On the Events page.

I am currently evaluating CiviCRM, can I still attend a training session?

Yes, just register for the session you are interested in.

Can I book a private training session for my entire team?

Yes, please use the Contact us page to request a quote.

Can I suggest topics to cover for a new training session?

Yes, please use the Contact us page to submit your suggestion.

Can I re-schedule my event registration?

We do not re-schedule an existing registration. First, request a cancellation using the Contact us page. We will issue a refund for your registration. You can then register for the new event.

Is there a cancellation policy?

Yes, please refer to the Training Cancellation Policy page.

How do I cancel my event registration?

Use the Contact us page to request a cancellation in advance.

Are training sessions recorded?

Yes, training sessions delivered on the Internet are recorded and as an attendee, you can receive access to this recording.

Can I request a refund after attending a training session?

If you were not happy with the service then please tell us why using the Contact us page.

What topics do we cover for the session?

Please refer to the training topics for each training session.

Can I ask questions during the training session?

Yes, absolutely! And bonus points if you stay on topic.