WordPress Support

Need a bug fix or design tweak? Just want some training or advice to do it yourself? Agileware’s WordPress Support subscription service provides you with access to our developers to make simple changes to your website, fix problems, or provide training and advice.

The subscription cost can save you hundreds of dollars per month compared to paying by the hour for training or developer support, and means no unexpected invoices or time-consuming quote approval process.¬†When you need help, we’re on call.

WordPress Support entitles you to the following support services provided by Agileware:

  • Support services for 1 to 4 named WordPress production websites, and 1 to 3 named individuals representing the Customer
  • Respond to user and administration questions via email and phone
  • Perform configuration changes which do not require coding, testing, or review prior to installation on a production website. Here are some examples:
    • Publishing or unpublishing pages
    • Updating menus
    • Fixing problems with HTML in WYSIWYG fields
    • Updating HTML content in blocks
    • Fixing links, uploading files, permitted file extensions
    • Reviewing and updating WordPress
    • Adjusting settings on widgets and plug-ins