Agileware’s experienced software engineers are available for on site work to solve your problems fast and under your supervision. When you absolutely must have a physical presence on site, you can rely on us to deliver.

Our dedicated team have the skills to troubleshoot and fix problems, analyse requirements and create mockups, produce prototypes, or work on your development project.
Hiring an Agileware software engineer for on site work is not just about one person. For longer term or complex projects, we can cycle different team members through the project to ensure that the developer working on a given task is the team member most experienced and best equipped to get the job done.

For clients who don’t have their own project management system, we provide access to the Agileware Projects & Support system. This allows the team leader or manager in your organisation to keep track of the development tasks being completed, provides developers and your staff with information on what needs to be done and access to mockups, and emails your team a daily usage report showing time spent on each task. The system also makes it easy for an on site Agileware team member to get help from the Agileware office if necessary. The team communicates more effectively because everyone involved in the project – at your office and at ours – has access to the information they need.

Our hourly rates are very reasonable, and we can provide on site staff at short notice.
Talk to us today about your requirements.