Your website content needs to be updated regularly to keep pace with your evolving business, but it can be hard to find the time. When you need help, we’re on call.

Online Manager entitles you to the following content creation, editing, and publishing services provided by Agileware:

  • Agileware response to requests for Online Manager services via phone and our project management system.
  • Agileware creating, editing, or publishing content written by the Customer. Here are some examples:
    • Publishing and/or unpublishing pages
    • Updating menus
    • Creating a new page with content provided by the Customer
    • Editing a page to the Customer’s specifications
    • Creating and configuring Drupal Webform pages (for Drupal websites)
    • Editing text or images in blocks
    • Sourcing royalty-free images for use on pages or in blocks
    • Creating, editing, and scheduling Mailchimp or CiviCRM email newsletters

During Business Hours, an 8 hour service level for response applies to active subscriptions.