Drupal Support

When you need help, we’re on call. Drupal Support is a cost effective way to ensure your website is supported for during it’s lifespan. Drupal Support includes: make simple changes to your website, fix problems, or provide your staff with answers to questions they may have.

The subscription cost can save you hundreds of dollars per month compared to paying by the hour for training or developer support, and means no unexpected invoices or time-consuming quote approval process. When you need help, we’re on call.

Drupal Support entitles you to the following support services provided by Agileware:

    • Support services for 1 to 4 named Drupal production websites, and 1 to 3 named individuals representing the Customer
    • Respond to user and Drupal administration questions via email and phone
    • Investigating reported Drupal bugs and errors, and trouble-shooting other reported Drupal website problems.
    • Perform Drupal configuration changes which do not require coding, testing, or review prior to installation on a production website. Here are some examples:
      • Publishing or unpublishing pages
      • Updating menus
      • Fixing problems with HTML in WYSIWYG fields
      • Updating HTML content in blocks
      • Fixing links, uploading files, permitted file extensions
      • Reviewing and updating Drupal User Permissions
      • Adjusting Drupal Workflow, Rules, and Emails
      • Creating and configuring Drupal Webform pages
      • Creating new Drupal Views or re-configuring existing Drupal Views
      • Exporting data from Drupal

Drupal Updates

Keeping your Drupal software up-to-date is like getting your car serviced regularly – it can help prevent costly and inconveniently timed repairs down the track. All software – whether it’s your desktop operating system or your website – is vulnerable to security risks or errors if patches and bug fixes are not applied regularly. To keep your website running smoothly, Agileware can apply these updates for you, saving you time and worry.

Here’s the process we use to keep your website software updated and running smoothly:

Drupal Updates process

Drupal Updates entitles you to the following update services provided by Agileware:

  • Scheduling and installation of regular Drupal core and Drupal.org module updates (Drupal updates) for a single named Drupal website
  • Determining when and which Drupal updates should be applied
  • Testing and trouble-shooting of Drupal updates prior to installation