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Agileware Drupal Training

Introduction to Drupal Training (Full Day) - 15th November 2013, Canberra

This course will introduce you to Drupal, the enterprise website building software taking businesses and organisations around the world by storm! This is a full day course comprised of two sessions:

  • The morning session will provide attendees with an understanding Drupal fundamentals (answer questions like: what is Drupal, what can it do for me?)
  • The afternoon session will provide hands-on experience building a working Drupal website (no coding skills required!)

You are welcome to attend only the morning session and leave in the afternoon, if you cannot devote the entire day.

No IT or coding skills are assumed or required. Come along and learn something new!

Drupal Mentored Training (3 Days) - 18th to 20th November 2013, Canberra

Start your journey to become a Drupal developer, website builder or architect with our 3 day Drupal Mentored Training course!

The Drupal Mentored Training is self-paced and in-depth technical Drupal Developer curriculum which includes on site mentoring by an experienced Agileware Software Engineer. You get to learn at your own pace and focus on the Drupal website development topics which are relevant and of interest to you.

The training curriculum is delivered using a video presentation direct to each attendee. You watch and listen to the instructor in the video and then perform the exercises for the lesson. You will have full access to your own Drupal website and development environment to install, configure and develop your Drupal website.

The on site Agileware Software Engineer is available as a mentor to help answer questions, suggest solutions and discuss with one on one the topics covered in the curriculum.

Drupal Mentored Training is well suited for people new to Drupal development as well as people with prior Drupal experience.