Any Body's Cool - MIEACT

Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT) needed support for their existing Drupal website and CiviCRM installation.

Agileware provide support to:

  • make configuration changes to the Drupal website or CiviCRM as needed
  • provide advice and instruction on how to create or edit content
  • create custom CiviCRM reports based on existing report templates
  • update core software
  • trouble-shoot problems as they arise

Our service agreement with MIEACT means that if they need help, all they have to do is phone us or create an issue in the Agileware Projects & Support system. Agileware developers will respond within 8 business hours.

When issues come up that could be solved with a quick configuration change or some help with content management, we are able to solve the problem without the need for a quote process, or testing the change on a development server before installing it on the production website. For issues that need development work and customer review before installation, we are able to provide advice or a quote quickly because we are already familiar with their systems.

Thank you Agileware for your support – which we pay you for – our delight, has been finding what isn’t written into our contract… It’s the heart you bring to your work, your inner super geekiness that has ignited our imaginations about the possibilities in our work-space and customer relationships. So glad we met you. Are you sure you are from Earth? Thank you from all the MIEACT Team
Jacqui Price, Mental Illness Education ACT