Machines Like Us

Machines Like Us is a web-resource for those interested in evolutionary thought, cognitive science, synthetic life and artificial intelligence.

Agileware was contracted to upgrade the Machines Like Us website from Drupal 5 to Drupal 7 in 2011. This involved a new design, and migrating over 12,000 pages of content.

In 2015, Machines Like Us engaged Agileware to implement a new, responsive website design. The new design looks great on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops.

Services provided to Machines Like Us include:

  • Custom Drupal theme which was 100% true to the Photoshop design and specification
  • Drupal architectural design and planning
  • Data migration planning, testing and execution
  • Identification of issues in Drupal 7 core and community modules, contribution back to Drupal community of patches
  • Custom Drupal module development
  • Extensive user review and testing
  • Drupal technical training for webmasters
  • Performance enhancements to ensure website scalability
  • On-going website support

Machines Like Us continues to be the definitive web-resource for science news, now running the latest Drupal software and with an updated design.

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