Portfolio for ER Strategies

Employee Relation Strategies (ER Strategies) provide a range of services that bridge the different disciplines of Employee Relations and Human Resource Management / Organisation Development. Franchise Advisory Service provide specialist hands-on advice to both franchisors and franchisees. Agileware upgraded their Drupal websites, and provide ongoing support.

Upgrading from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 is necessary to keep websites functional, and is a great opportunity to refresh site design and branding. A responsive design means your brand is accessible to many more potential visitors.

ER Strategies and Franchise Advisory Service share a similar theme, but have their own branding. Agileware applied a new theme to both websites, implementing different colours and logos on each.

Our developers updated the theme to ensure that it is responsive. Rather than detecting that the user is browsing on a mobile device and then loading a different theme, the website layout simply fits into the browser size. The menu changes from a top navigation menu to the “burger” style drop-down menu when the browser size is not wide enough to display the full top navigation menu.

Their websites are also protected for upgrades to website hosting software, expected to occur by the end of 2014. The servers that host websites will upgrade to newer versions of PHP, the software used by Drupal. When this happens, Drupal 6 websites are likely to see random errors such as code outputting onto the page, pages failing to load, or entire modules not working.

We are really pleased with the way you conducted the whole process of updating our website to the newer Drupal platform and with the responsive theme. Nothing is ever a problem for you guys and we see you as a key business partner. Thanks again.
Steve Champion, ER Strategies