Community Door website by QCOSS

Queensland Council of Social Service (QCOSS) engaged Agileware to resolve accessibility and useability issues with their Community Door, Network Spaces, and Studio Q websites.

QCOSS had an assessment of their existing website that identified a number of usability and accessibility issues to be fixed. QCOSS engaged Agileware to work on the website.

For this project, Agileware used an agile methodology to maximise flexibility and control over the project by the QCOSS project manager, and reduce time required before the resolved issues could be installed in the production website.

This meant that Agileware set up a series of two week code sprints in the Agileware Projects & Support system, and worked with the QCOSS project manager at the beginning of each sprint to prioritise the tasks to be completed. As the tasks were completed, they were assigned to the QCOSS project manager for review. At the end of each sprint, the completed tasks were installed into the production website and the next sprint began.

One of the benefits of this sprint cycle is that users could see incremental improvement in the website's usability and accessibility instead of having to wait until all the sprints were complete.

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