Connect CiviContact to CiviCRM

Step 1

Download CiviContact for your iOS or Android device.

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Step 2

Login to CiviCRM and scan your QR code on CiviCRM Dashboard > Your Contact > CiviContact Authentication


Use the CiviContact authentication login URL sent to your email by your CiviCRM administrator.

Explore the awesome features

View contacts

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Edit contacts

Sync with CiviCRM

Record activities

View activity history

Steps for CiviCRM Admins

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Enabling a CiviCRM Group for sync with CiviContact

  • Install the CiviContactAPI extension in CiviCRM
  • Enable the CiviContactAPI extension in CiviCRM

  • Create a CiviCRM Profile for CiviContact on Administer > Customise Data and Screens > Profile

  • Review CiviContact Settings on Administer > CiviContact > Settings

  • Enable the Sync to CiviContact option for the CiviCRM Groups to sync with CiviContact

  • Each CiviContact user must have website account to authenticate

  • Use the bulk email to send a CiviContact authentication email to authenticate multiple users at once

  • A user can set themselves up by scanning their QR code shown on their Contact record, CiviContact Authentication tab

  • Evaluate customising CiviContact using the Summary Fields, and Joinerys More Summary Fields extensions
  • Evaluate segmenting CiviContact into virtual teams using with the CiviTeams extension

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