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CiviCRM contacts, groups, activities on your mobile device.

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About CiviContact

CiviContact is a mobile application for managing Contacts, Groups, Activities and more!

CiviCRM Seamless Integration

Seamless integration with an existing CiviCRM site:

  • Quickly connect to a CiviCRM site by scanning a QR Code or receive an authentication email

  • Sync CiviCRM contacts and groups

  • Call and email contacts directly, take notes and record time as an activity

  • Add and edit contacts, update custom fields, view calculated summary fields, view activities

  • Share updates and information with other users in real-time

Elina Adam Profile in CiviCRM
Elina Adam Profile in CiviContact

CiviCRM Smart Group Integration

  • Multiple CiviCRM Groups and Smart Groups can be enabled for CiviContact integration

  • Use CiviCRM Smart Groups to automatically populate and keep your contact lists up to date

  • New contacts added in CiviContact are automatically added to the CiviContact group in CiviCRM

  • CiviContact keeps your contact address book up to date, automatically

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Add Contacts in a group in CiviCRM

CiviCRM Activity Integration

  • View a contact’s activity history in CiviContact

  • Add new activities quickly and easily

  • Share activities with your colleagues instantly

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Activities recorded in CiviCRM
Activities in app

Easy to Use

Simple user interface and integration with built-in phone and email applications.

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Favourite contacts

  • View, add and update contacts

  • Add activities

  • Contact directory

  • Contact groups

  • Activity history

  • Summary fields

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Customise CiviContact according to your requirements.

  • Extend CiviContact using a custom CiviCRM Profile

  • Add fields to display in CiviContact, re-order and rename easily

  • Empower users by adding your CiviCRM custom fields

  • You decide what information is available in CiviContact

  • Push changes instantly to all users

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Record Activities

CiviContact prompts you to record an activity after each phone call and email. This information is stored instantly in CiviCRM.

  • Quickly take notes after an important phone call

  • Record follow-up actions after sending an email, record your time

  • Check a contacts previous activity history

  • Easily pick up the conversation where you left off last time

  • Share important actions and information with other CiviCRM users

  • Keep a detailed log of who you communicated with, when and for how long

  • Use CiviCRM activity reporting to understand your users interactions

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CiviTeams Integration

With CiviTeams integration, you can easily control which contacts and groups are available for CiviContact users.

  • Install the CiviTeams extension on your CiviCRM site

  • Set up the CiviTeams required

  • Assign one or more CiviTeams to each group enabled for sync with CiviContact

  • CiviContact will only sync specific groups and contacts based on the users CiviTeam access

  • CiviTeams and CiviContact integration allows you to control who has access to contacts and groups

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Contact Listing

Elina in CiviTeam A

Contact Listing

Kelvin in CiviTeam B

Summary Fields Integration

Summary Fields make it easier to search for major donors, recent donors, lapsed donors as well as to show a synopsis of a donor’s history. CiviContact supports CiviCRM extensions Summary Fields and Joinerys More Summary Fields

  • Total Lifetime Contributions

  • Number of years of contributions

  • Date of Last Membership Payment

  • Amount of Last Membership Payment

  • Name of the last attended event

  • Date of the last attended event

  • Number of events attended

  • And much much more!

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