We deliver cost-effective and rapid outcomes.

Design a Drupal theme

Website design is critical to the user experience of your website. Agileware can help you implement the best possible solution to suit your budget and requirements.

Crowd-sourced design

Don’t limit yourself and your ideas to a single graphic design / marketing / digital media agency when you can crowd-source instead. Engage some of the most creative minds on the Internet. The results are AMAZING!

Agileware work with you to define the design requirements, manage the process and provide feedback to the designers. You will be able to choose from a large collection of website designs created specifically to your requirements, by some of the best graphic designers in the world.

Create a Drupal theme based on a mockup

If you have a general mockup of your Drupal website, then Agileware can convert this to a Drupal theme.

Convert a Photoshop design to a Drupal theme

If you have a Photoshop design of your new website, then Agileware can convert this to a Drupal theme.

Responsive web design

The Internet is available on an enormous range of devices, no longer limited to your PC. So it is increasingly important that your website design also be able to accommodate different screen sizes and web browser capabilities. Agileware recommend that new website designs incorporate responsive web design principles, to target as many devices as possible.  For more information see Smashing Magazine: Responsive Web Design: What It Is and How To Use It

Mobile optimisation

A more targetted approach than responsive web design is to provide a mobile optimised version of the website. This can include a reduced and easier to navigate information architecture, reduced use of imagery (or not at all), consideration of touch based navigation and emulation of a native iOS or Android application screen.

Agileware can create a unique mobile optimised design for your website and perform testing on the iOS, Android and Blackberry smart phone operating systems.

Cross browser testing and support

Agileware perform cross browser testing as standard on the following web browsers and operating systems. Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Fire Fox (latest), Google Chrome (latest), Safari (latest), iOS, Android, Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS X and Linux.

The goal of cross browser testing is not to ensure that the website looks exactly the same across all web browsers, but to ensure that the website is functional and works without error.

HTML5 support

HTML5 is the new standard for interactive and exciting websites. Agileware are excited about the new possibilities that HTML5 brings and encourage these new standards to be incorporated into your website design. HTML5 is currently supported by iOS (iPhone, iPad) devices, Android, Fire Fox 3.6+, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 9.