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Introduction to Drupal Training

Introduction to Drupal Training (Full Day) - 15th November 2013, Canberra

This course will introduce you to Drupal, the enterprise website building software taking businesses and organisations around the world by storm! This is a full day course comprised of two sessions:

  • The morning session will provide attendees with an understanding Drupal fundamentals (answer questions like: what is Drupal, what can it do for me?)
  • The afternoon session will provide hands-on experience building a working Drupal website (no coding skills required!)

You are welcome to attend only the morning session and leave in the afternoon, if you cannot devote the entire day.

No IT or coding skills are assumed or required. Come along and learn something new!

This event is being given in conjunction with the Drupal Association’sDrupal Global Training Days initiative. Drupal courses are being held around the World on the day.

Pricing and registration (limited seats!)

People who should attend

  • People wanting to understand how Drupal can be used to increase information sharing and collaboration in their organisation
  • People who have difficulty locating and sharing information in their organisation
  • People who wish to optimise and automate manual systems and workflow processes
  • People wishing to reduce software costs and take advantage of free and open source software
  • People wishing to take their organisation to the Internet to sell products, promote their business or engage a wider audience
  • People using an existing Wordpress, static HTML or perhaps a proprietary website that is difficult and/or costly to maintain
  • People who know there must be a better way to manage information instead of just “email and file folders”
  • People wanting to increase operational efficiency

Training outcomes

  • Understand Drupal basics and terminology, what is Drupal? (Learn how to pronounce it too!)
  • Explore case studies where organisations have successfully harnessed the power of Drupal
  • Learn the benefits of building websites in Drupal
  • Explore and use a real Drupal website
  • Understand how Drupal can help improve your organisation’s processes
  • Explore the building blocks of a Drupal website

The day will be divided into two sessions:

  • Morning: Introduction to Drupal
  • Afternoon: Drupal website building (no coding or IT skills are assumed or required)


  • Friday, 15th November, 2013. 9am to 5pm
  • Please arrive in time for a 9am start



All day, paid parking is available at two locations:

  • Emu Bank, undercover parking. $5 per day. This is located on Emu Bank Drive as a side street entrance to “The Boardwalk” shops, see this Google Maps link.
  • Belconnen Mall. The Early Bird rate is $8 per day, ONLY if you park BEFORE 9am in the Myer Car Park, Level 3 using the Benjamin Way entrance, for more details see Belconnen Mall Parking.

Things you will need to bring

You will need to bring the following:

  • Laptop computer and optionally a keyboard and mouse.
  • Light refreshments will be provided on the day. Bring your own lunch or purchase from the large collection of nearby Cafes, Fast Foodies and Restaurants.

Things provid​ed on the day

The following resources will be provided:

  • Wireless Internet
  • Drupal hosting and website

Pricing and registration (limited seats!)