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Thanks Drupalcon Sydney 2013, the team at Agileware had a great time

Drupal - We saved the World!

The first official Drupalcon (Drupal conference) was held in Sydney from 6th to 9th February 2013. Agileware headed up to Sydney and had a great time learning and interacting with the wider Drupal community.

Highlights included:

All the conference session audio a video of the presentation as well as a presentation download is available here,

All session recordings are also available on Youtube,

The stand out best session for me was the “Climbing the Drupal Ladder” by Addison Berry and Jess (xjm)This session was only attended by about 4 people in total, small is beautiful. We were able to have a much higher level of interaction with Addison and Jess, asking questions and having a great discussion about promoting Drupal within user groups, learning to contribute to Drupal and running Drupal sprints. So for me, this was perfect and provided a lot of new ideas and approaches.

It was also quite amazing to finally meet so many of the voices I often listen to on the Lullabot Drupal Podcast (Jeff Eaton, Angie Byron, Addison Berry to name a few). I have been listening to this podcast since the early days in 2006 / 2007 and Lullabot have been fundamental to my Drupal journey and assisting with teaching the Agileware team best practices and exposing us to new ideas. So thank you Lullabot!

A big special thanks go out to the organisers of the Drupalcon 2013 conference, volunteers, speakers and sponsors. They all did an astounding job, the conference went off like clockwork and everyone was smiling. I think we all left on a very big Drupal high as a result. The official Drupal wrap-up is available here,

Below are some of our photos from the Drupalcon Sydney 2013 conference. There are more photos on the Agileware Facebook page as well as the official Drupalcon photos in

Webchick (aka Angie Byron) and Justin FreemanMortenDK and Jeff EatonFoyer areaClosing sessionCoogee beachDrupal core developers questions and answers meetingHolly Ross, Executive Director of the Drupal AssociationLunch areaBirds of a feather meeting boardKeynote - Dries Buytaert